Ciao, look what you can do here ... 


First you can relax a lot.


 Here you go to the beach at least once a day!


 And if you don't go out, you can play a lot of     different games, reading or stuff like that ..... 




Hello kids,


I'm Amanda and I'm always in front of the bathroom door and show you when the bathroom is free .. 







........ or occupied! 






Hello kids,


 I'm Pippa and I'm always on the balcony to see that everything is okay! 

 ..... here you will find many games, books, fairy tale books and much more to pass the time ......

... one thing is for sure, you won't get bored here ........ 

Learning to swim is

very, very, very

important and a lot of fun.







I'm Eva Maria, we were here on the beach every day of our vacation together with my brother Paolo. This is really cool because the water is not that deep and you can see everything underwater clearly with your goggles, just like in an aquarium. It is also nice when it comes out of the water, you are not cold on the beach, because the sun is always shining and the water is nice and warm. It's a shame that the vacation ended so quickly. We want to come back, then my little brother Paolo wants to learn to swim here.


See you soon, Eva-Maria. 

144 Italian municipalities, two Spanish and this year also a Romanian one received the Green Flag of the Pediatricians 2021. An award that annually rewards seaside resorts with child-friendly beaches and services that are valued by families. "Clear and shallow water near the shore, sand for towers and castles, lifeguards and lifeboats, games, rooms for changing nappies or breastfeeding and nearby parks, ice cream parlors, sports facilities, aperitifs and restaurants for children great," were among the most popular features, explains Pediatrician Italo Farnetani, founder of the initiative, in which more than 2,550 Italian and European pediatricians have participated since 2008.